1-on-1 Consultation

1:1 Consultation

So you’ve listened to the podcast, maybe you’ve even submitted a question and are patiently waiting for Lauryn to finally get around to answering it.

However you’ve found yourself on this page, you’ve got a burning question that you need specific answers and a back and forth dialoge with Lauryn about.

Whether you are:

-nervous about starting your own practice

-want to dig into your specific systems and procedures

-want detailed advice on how to get unstuck

-or just really think Lauryn is hilarious and you’d be best friends (that you pay for)

Congratulations- you’re readying for a 1:1 consult!!

Consult calls include an initial email digging into some specific questions Lauryn will need to prepare for your call. Then once scheduled- you and Lauryn will have a FAST paced, information packed 45min call helping you solve as much of your problems as possible.

Need another call? No problem. Need weekly calls with Lauryn? Now we have a problem- she can’t be your coach lol. But she will help you sort through whatever is going on now

Cost: $200 per 45 min session

You Ready? Lets Get Started!