1-on-1 Consultation

1:1 Consultation

If you’ve just submitted a question on the website- HOORAY for you helping a gal out and submitting something, because without your questions, I don’t have a podcast!

The podcast has been blessed with a lot of contributors of questions, which typically has us planned out 2-4 months in advance.

If your question CANNOT wait a couple months to see the light of day, or you think the details around it are so specific, that listening to me answer a similar question from someone else wouldn’t suffice- I encourage you to do a 1:1 session.

I am NOT a coach who will hold your hand for the next year doing weekly calls. But I WILL do a full on “power hour” (or 2) with you on how to get you moving forward on a problem that’s got you stuck.

Think of it like having a conversation with your really invested, experienced, and opinionated friend…. Who you pay!

So What Do I Get?

  • A 15 Minute “Get to Know You” Call so I can get a grip on what your issue and background to prepare for our big call
  • A 1-Hour intense advice/strategy session.  Don’t worry, I won’t just talk at you, we’ll go back and forth and work on some shit
  • A recording of the call.  I talk fast, so it’s good to be able to go back and re-listen

So What Does it Cost?

  • $200 per hour
  • If you need more than a few calls, I can suggest some coaching groups that might be more efficient than paying me every week.

You Ready? Lets Get Started!