17 – Sweet but Psycho

On this episode Dr. Lauryn welcomes her friend Laura to discuss wtf is wrong with Lauryn and why she doesn’t have normal people feelings. No jk (kinda).

Laura is a self-diagnosed “empath” who owns a successful service business with 11 employees & who has had to learn how to guard herself from giving too much energy away to her clients.

The ladies discuss what is the difference between sympathy and empathy, and why empathy can change the world (and your business).

Topics discussed:

  • How empathy creates a stronger connection within all relationships in your life
  • How to properly and emotionally respond to when bad things happen to people you care about/for
  • Seriously- is Lauryn a sociopathic robot who feels nothing?
  • How to protect your energy from absorbing negativity in your day to day

And so much more!

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