39 – How We Paid Off $175K in Student Loans in 5 Years

Here it is y’all, the big one, so big we had to break it into 2 episodes.  Student Loans, we know you have ’em, and we know they’re big.  Dr. Lauryn brings Kirby on the podcast (’cause he’s a money nerd) to talk about how they paid off her $175K+ chiropractic & undergraduate student loans in 5 YEARS!  They talk about the current options for repayment and why they chose to tackle their debt head-on.  Stay tuned for next week for more practical tips and how-to’s on what they did and how it can help you.

For your homework go get all your numbers, understand who you owe and how much.  If you want to run some scenarios of what repayment might look like, there’s a calculator: https://studentloanhero.com/calculators/student-loan-revised-pay-as-you-earn-calculator/


Note: Kirby references Hammurabi crossing the Alps, he realized right after saying it he meant Hannibal but didn’t think anyone really cared enough to correct himself, but it’s been eating him up so he’s correcting it here.  Hannibal crossed the Alps, Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon, and Cortes burned the boats, or at least he sank them.

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