41 – When Life’s Not Butterflies & Roses. Grief, Work, & the Real World with Dr. Lona Cook

Dr. Lauryn welcomes author, chiropractor, speaker, leader, and friend, Dr. Lona Cook on the podcast to tackle a heavy topic.  They break down what do when going through a difficult time but still needing to show up for work and your team.  Dr. Lona shares the painful journey she has gone through taking care of her mother through cancer and mental illness and how she go through to a good place through support, self-care, and philosophy.  Even if you’re not currently going through something, this one is worth a listen for future you, or to support your friends/family who will inevitably experience downturns at some point.  

To learn more about Dr. Lona Cook, visit: http://www.drlonacook.com/

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