79 – 5 Things I Learned Last Weekend

Dr. Lauryn spoke at and attended an amazing conference last weekend for female chiropractors, and she’s going to share the top 5 takeaways with you!  She talks about community, adaptability, law of attraction, evolving, and so much more!

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One thought on “79 – 5 Things I Learned Last Weekend

  1. Dr Lauryn, I have been listening to your podcast for a while now. I look forward to it on my commute to work at 5am, it always inspires and motivates me for my day. I’m currently a nurse working at a hospital but looking to switch career pathways into chiropractic care or something out of the western medicine illness hamster wheel. I enjoy your down to earth talks, and I too have spent a lot of time in target in the candle isle(s). Now, I think I need to go take an enneagram test. Thanks for your podcast and work you do!

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