135 – Communicate and Come Together feat. Kristi Hudson

Dr. Lauryn brings Kristi Hudson on the podcast to talk about marketing and communication within your clinic.  They discuss Kristine’s journey with chiropractic and her daughter, in-clinic communication, pricing, research, coming together as a profession, and even more!

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For all the links they talked about see below:

Clinical Compass: https://clinicalcompass.org/

Chiropractic Strategic Plan: https://chirocongress.org/future-of-chiropractic-strategic-plan-phase-iii/

ChiroHealthUSA Webinars: https://www.chirohealthusa.com/webinars/

Overhead Calculator: https://www.chirohealthusa.com/overhead-calculation/

Heidi Haavik: https://www.heidihaavik.com/

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