181 – Five Leadership Lessons To Be A Better CEO While Empowering Your Team

Dr. Lauryn is solo today breaking down the most impactful lessons in leadership she has learned while growing multiple businesses the last two years. She discusses viewing your business through a lens of the future, which strengths and weaknesses to focus on, creating ownership for your employees, the importance of thinking time, and so much more. If you are looking to be a better CEO for yourself and your team then this is the episode for you!

Introduction (00:00)

Family Story Time (01:43)

Listener Highlight: Review of the Week (04:27)

Hiring News and Announcing the New Multipassionate Chiropreneur Program (07:30)

Opening Prayer (14:30)

Lesson One: View Your Business Through The Lens of Your Future Business (15:44)

Lesson Two: Trial and Tribulation are Required to Learn a Lesson or Grow a Skill (20:43)

Lesson Three: Work on Weaknesses that Balance Out Your Best Strengths (26:20)

Lesson Four: Use Responsibility to Create a Sense of Ownership (31:42)

Lesson Five: The Importance of Thinking Time (35:15)

Final Notes and Goodbye (46:02)

To learn more about the Multipassionate Chiropreneur Program and join the waitlist for ticket access, visit here: https://mailchi.mp/sheslayspodcast/multipassionate_waitlist

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