182 – Date Night with Joe and Dr. Krysti Wick

Dr. Lauryn & Kirby welcome Joe & Dr. Krysti Wick for a Date Night! They share their story of getting together, how they came to live an entrepreneurial life, why Dr. Krysti is the CEO and ideas person of their businesses, lessons they’ve learned about working with your spouse, how they handle gender dynamics in the workplace, where the idea for a furniture company came from, leading a team from afar, and so much more!

Introduction (00:00)

A Date Night that nearly included crashing a bird watcher club’s party (02:40)

Details on the new Multipassionate Chiropreneur Program (10:50)

Background on today’s guests, Joe and Dr. Krysti Wick (13:25)

Pros and Cons of renting the lake house and AirBnB rentals in general (18:25)

Joe and Dr. Krysti’s Enneagram number, personality tests, and their usefulness in a team setting (23:58)

When and where Joe and Dr. Krysti met, their career paths, and the decisions that led to them living an entrepreneurial life (26:40)

When, how and why the two of them started working together (38:15)

Why Dr. Krysti is the CEO of the operation, a rundown of their many businesses, and how to manage time and roles with so many different businesses in play (40:30)

Idea generation, what gets pitched, and how they pick what to work on (42:54)

Lessons in working with your spouse, how to separate work from personal, and learning to interact as you would with another boss or coworker (45:35)

Gender dynamics in the workplace, why their coaching program is women only (for now), and managing office culture (52:02)

Where the idea for their furniture company come from, how’d they get it started, and the appeal of doing something totally different (01:04:44)

How Dr. Krysti leads her practice (and it’s team) while routinely being away working on new businesses (01:10:10)

Future business ideas and dreams (01:15:10)

Handling stress in business and life when you are juggling so many things (01:19:10)

How to get in touch with Joe and Dr. Krysti (01:22:08)

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