183 – How to See More Kids in Practice – And Get Their Family On Care Too

Dr. Lauryn is solo today to break down the importance of pediatric care within your Chiropractic Practice. She covers why pediatric care is important, the need to actually talk about the pediatric care you offer, three questions to ask every parent, how to handle common objections, and so much more!

*Note for long-time Patreon members – this is a replay of a previous live webinar Dr. Lauryn did here on Patreon. Depending on your level of membership you may have been there live! If you missed it before you get to dive into it now, and if you remember having taken part previously we think the topic is important enough that a refresher won’t hurt. Enjoy!

Episode Open (00:00)

Ethics question regarding hiring and communication between business owners (01:10)

Update on the Apple Podcast reviewer from a few episodes back (06:14)

Pediatric Experience with Tony Ebell (07:25)

Introducing the episode topic and discussing the Patreon levels of membership (09:02)

Opening Prayer (11:35)

Why Pediatric care is important in Chiropractic (13:47)

The need to talk about Pediatric care with clients  (17:15)

Fight or flight and freeze; the three questions to ask (23:54)

Handling the three most common objections from the parent (34:29)

Q&A with the webinar guests (43:10)

Best place to network and find potential clients (51:22)

Going from one child under care to the whole family (55:10)

What to do when the parent doesn’t see urgency (56:40)

How to speak with pregnant clients about newborn care (01:00:27)

Communicating the importance of continued care after symptoms subside (01:03:15)

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