185 – The Nine Enneagram Types and Why They are All Funny (and Powerful) feat. Michelle Fortin

Dr. Lauryn is talking about one of her absolute favorite topics today: Enneagram! With her is guest Michelle Fortin, a comedian turned Enneagram enthusiast who along with her comedy partner has woven everything they’ve learned and love about Enneagram types into their comedy to absolutely hilarious results!

They chat about their own Enneagram numbers, being married to Nines, how Michelle has woven Enneagram into her comedy, the funniest parts of each number type, the benefits of a therapist who understands Enneagram, and so much more!

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Multipassionate Chiropreneur Launch Update (00:00)

Topic of the day: Enneagram (04:20)

Introducing Michelle (07:35)

Opening Prayer (08:45)

Dr. Lauryn and Michelle’s Enneagram numbers (11:10)

How Michelle got into Enneagram and wove it into her comedy (13:40)

The most Three question ever: what’s the plan to grow this and make money? (18:00)

How deep into Enneagram teachings has Michelle gone (20:55)

A walk through all nine numbers and their funniest parts (22:40)

Being married to a Nine (33:15)

Bringing Enneagram into everyday life and wanting to spread the knowledge (39:35)

Benefits of Enneagram in a therapy setting (41:30)

Walking the line of laughing with everyone vs at everyone (46:25)

Enneagram types and kids (51:50)

If there were an Enneagram based dating app (01:01:40)

Places to follow and consume Michelle’s content (01:05:10)

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