186 – Date Night with Dr. Stephen and Dr. Camilla Franson

Dr. Lauryn and Kirby welcome Dr. Stephen and Dr. Camilla Franson for a date night! They discuss how they each got their start in the industry, how the Remarkable Practice came to be, where they each fall on the chiropractor continuum of business builders to caregivers, strategies for managing so many moving parts, and a whole bunch more!

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Opening, Champagne preferences (00:00)

Dr. Lauryn’s conflicting feelings about being recognized (06:00)

Multipassionate Chiropreneur update and remaining spots (11:25)

Introducing guests Dr. Stephen and Dr. Camilla Franson (18:35)

Opening Prayer (21:50)

Podcast hosting habits (22:30)

Where Dr. Stephen and Dr. Camilla met and how they began their practice (25:25)

Starting a practice right out of school vs interning for a time (31:45)

The Chiropractor continuum of business builders and caregivers (35:35)

Dynamic between Dr. Stephen being the business builder and Dr. Camilla being the caregiver for both their business and their family (47:30)

Strategies for managing business, relationships and life all at the same time (59:30)

The Remarkable Practice program, what it offers, and how to get in touch (01:06:20)

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