188 – Best of 2022 (Part 1)

Dr. Lauryn shares her closing thoughts on 2022 and her word for 2023 before diving into some replay segments from five of the most popular episodes of the year. Enjoy, and have a safe, happy, and warm Holiday season!

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Dr. Lauryn opens with her thoughts on 2022 and her word for 2023 (00:00)

Dr. Heidi Haavik explains the nature of subluxation and how to communicate it (14:30)

Dr. Emily Heisey discusses a mistake she believes the CDC is making in pediatric guidelines (23:15)

Dr. David and Nancy Fletcher talk about how seeing other parts of the world changed their views and gave them lessons to bring home (32:55)

Dr. Tony and Kristina Ebel speak on the phases of life and Dr. Tony’s mission to change chiropractic (40:20)

Dr. Lacey Book gives insight on how to find and train your ideal associate (52:05)

– – – – –

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