189 – Best of 2022 (Part 2)

Dr. Lauryn talks about having a positive mindset headed into the new year before sharing the second and final batch of replay segments from the most popular and impactful episodes of the year. Details below on who you will be hearing from. Happy new year, and see you all in 2023!

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Episode Introduction (00:00)

Permission to have the best 2023 (06:30)

From episode 152, Dr. Stew and Hillary Bittman talk about getting connected with our hearts (10:25)

From episode 162, Dr. Wendie Trubow discusses all things detox (18:06)

From episode 166, Dr. Courtney Kahla discusses finding – and using – her voice (24:40)

From episode 168, Dr. Elise Rigney talks key performance indicators (KPIs) that she uses to run her practice (34:00)

From episode 182, Dr. Krysti and Joe Wick discuss their roles and relationship to each other in their businesses and how to communicate as spouse vs coworkers (46:02)

Dr. Lauryn’s signs off for 2022 (54:09)

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