190 – The Health of Wealth and When To Exit Your Practice feat. Dr. Janice Hughes

Dr. Lauryn welcomes Executive Wealth Coach and Business Advisor Dr. Janice Hughes to the podcast to discuss all things business ownership, finances, and exits. Many brilliant practitioners need strategies, tools and systems to become the CEO of their business, and their lives, and those are exactly the types of things Dr. Janice is bringing to the table during this conversation. She’s a wealth of valuable information so get those notepads out and pencils ready!

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Shaking off that Holiday rust (00:00)

Job posting announcements (02:15)

Sponsor shout outs and recommendations (05:30)

Introducing Dr. Janice Hughes (06:50)

Opening prayer (08:15)

Dr. Janice’s enneagram type and the use cases of enneagram (10:10)

How Dr. Janice ended up in chiropractic and what she is doing today (14:10)

Financial decisions Dr. Janice would do differently if starting out in chiro now (19:10)

Steps to take if you’d like to sell your practice some day and how to value it (25:25)

Questions to learn how good someone’s systems are (32:50)

Who is buying practices these days (38:20)

Ideal timeline for grooming a successor (41:50)

Having a wealth building plan and how to find clarity on financial information (47:30)

Identity of being a chiropractor vs a business owner (54:20)

How do get in touch with Dr. Janice (59:00)

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