191 – The Annual Partner Meeting Explained feat. Kirby

Dr. Lauryn is joined by Kirby to break down the exercises they use during their Annual Partner (Family) Meeting to grow their relationship and set themselves up for the best possible year. They discuss the framework they use and give examples of how the different conversations look for them and their lives. Hope you can implement some of what’s discussed into your own planning and intention setting for the year!

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Introducing the episode and talking Patreon (00:00)

AirBnB horror story (04:45)

Airplane seating (13:05)

Opening Prayer (16:05)

Explaining the annual meeting (16:35)

Marriage Mission Statement (18:46)

Reviewing the year, both highlights and lowlights (25:25)

Discussing how everyone feels appreciated (32:10)

Building the list of to-dos (36:55)

Business priorities for the year (43:30)

Ideal Week (48:05)

Closing Thoughts (51:40)

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