192 – Fighting for the Profession feat. Dr. Kristina Stitcher

This week Dr. Lauryn welcomes Dr. Kristina Stitcher to the podcast. Dr. Kristina is someone who absolutely loves the profession of chiropractic and fights everyday to build the profession up to be the best it can be. During her interview she talks about why you too should be fighting for the profession, as well as covers admitting when we are wrong, being open to change, what the next 10 years in chiropractic look like, building sustainable systems for women in chiropractic, and so much more!

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Acceptance of being a millennial and the 10 question quiz that proves it (00:00)

How Sked makes scheduling a breeze (08:00)

The impact of Dr. Tony Ebel’s Pediatric Experience (08:55)

Introducing Dr. Kristina Stitcher (09:40)

Opening Prayer (10:30)

Using personality tests in the workplace (12:10)

Dr. Kristina’s background and story in chiropractic (16:05)

Being open to change and being wrong (24:20)

Choice in medical treatment and how to approach that discussion with clients (29:00)

Is collaborative care the future (34:00)

Handling push back and fighting for the profession (37:40)

Predicting the next 10 years of medicine and chiropractic (46:15)

How can chiropractors better educate themselves to lead with facts (52:40)

Building sustainable systems for women in chiropractic (01:02:45)

Places to learn from and get in touch with Dr. Kristina (01:10:15)

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