193 – If I Had To Start Over Here’s How I’d Do It

Today on the show Dr. Lauryn lets you listen in on a recent talk she gave to a group of chiropractic students. The topic of conversation was if Dr. Lauryn had to completely start over with only $10,000 to her name, how would she do it? She explains what her priorities would be, traps she would avoid, numbers she would want to see before taking certain steps, and so much more.

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ChatGPT and AI Talk (00:00)

Embarrassing story time (03:20)

Listener Highlight (06:30)

Introducing the episode (07:40)

Opening Prayer (08:40)

Low overhead and focus on profitability (10:15)

Go with the flow, not against it (17:07)

Six months out do the creative work (27:24)

Content creation in the early going (33:05)

Ideal set up of space (36:25)

First patients, care plans, and automation (38:15)

Grand opening is unnecessary (45:50)

Insurance vs cash based to start out (49:50)

Cash practice leading to more care plans (52:10)

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