194 – Nurturing Love and Relationships feat. Natalia Murua

Today on the show, Dr. Lauryn is joined by Natalia Murua to talk all things love and relationships. Natalia is a dating and relationship coach who since she was just a teenager has been obsessed with human behavior. She’s done deep study in the best of both western and eastern approaches to love, relationships, and life, and has spent the past three decades putting everything she has learned into the building of her Epic Love Accelerator. Needless to say, she was a bounty of wisdom and practical knowledge on how you can better approach your relationships in work, at home with your spouse or kids, and most of all, with yourself.

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No longer tidying up Marie Kondo style (01:25)

Patreon Announcements (04:05)

Remarkable Practice in Orlando (06:00)

Introducing Natalia Murua (07:55)

Opening Prayer (11:50)

Natalia’s educational background (14:00)

Why Natalia chose Love and Relationships as her expertise (21:45)

Asking for help (28:45)

Seeing everyone as a complete person (31:35)

Balancing different energies when in work mode vs relationship mode (36:30)

Making dedicated time to nurture your relationship (46:00)

Dropping from your head to your heart (59:30)

Where you can find Natalia and book a free consultation call (01:09:00)

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