195 – Being a Care Advocate in the Best Way Possible feat. Jacqui Jakubowicz

Dr. Lauryn is joined this week by Jacqui Jakubowicz, our very first CA to be a guest on the podcast, and my goodness did she have some knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration to share. The conversation starts with Jacqui redefining the term CA to what she believes it stands for, a Care Advocate, and moves from there to discuss all kinds of impactful topics such as: how to hire your office’s first CA, tips for the best onboarding process, empowering both sides of the Chiropractor to CA relationship, and so much more!

Jacqui is the Patient Care Coordinator for PWC Chiropractic in Crystal Lake, IL, working alongside frequent podcast guests Dr. Tony and Kristina Ebel.

To learn more about Jacqui and PWC Chiropractic, visit their website here.

To learn more about Dr. Tony Ebel’s Pediatric Experience and claim your special offer mentioned by Jacqui, visit the PX website here. (Are you already a PX member? You can email support@thepediatricexperience.com or drop them a DM to receive your special offer.)

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Odd but common reasons for rescheduling (01:07)

Listener highlight (03:40)

Introducing Jacqui Jakubowicz (05:45)

Opening Prayer (07:50)

Jacqui’s Enneagram type (10:32)

Redefining a CA as a Care Advocate (12:30)

Jacqui’s calling to chiropractic care (16:35)

Benefits of part-time CA’s (22:00)

Tips for best case onboarding (28:20)

When and how to hire that first CA (36:40)

Biggest surprises for new CA’s (43:10)

The Chiropractor to CA relationship and how to empower each other (44:25)

Getting new patient testimonials (56:50)

Why to continually train and what topics to train on (01:02:12)

What all is included in the Pediatric Experience and why you should join (01:05:50)

– – – – –

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