196 – Living with Conviction and Being Who You are Meant to Be feat. Dr. Jennifer Barham-Floreani

Dr. Lauryn is joined this week by a true bucket list type of guest in the award-winning practitioner and bestselling author, Dr. Jennifer Barham-Floreani. She brings wisdom and conviction everywhere she goes and this podcast episode is no different. Dr. Jen and Dr. Lauryn talk about a lot of impactful topics, from the response to Dr. Jen’s book Well Adjusted Babies, to living a life of conviction, to being who you are meant to be and being comfortable in all parts of your identity, and so much more!

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Bucket list guests (00:00)

Valentine’s Day stories (02:10)

Reaction to having a CA as guest (05:45)

Remarkable Practice conference (07:25)

Patreon shout outs (08:20)

Benefits of using Sked (09:40)

Introducing guest Dr. Jennifer Barham-Floreani (10:30)

Opening prayer (11:20)

Dr. Jen’s background (12:55)

Dr. Jen’s book Well Adjusted Babies and dealing with backlash (15:30)

Being comfortable with all parts of your identity (26:30)

Freedom of speech within Chiropractic (30:30)

Being who you are meant to be (35:30) (39:55)

Dr. Jen’s experience during Covid and handing in her license (42:25)

Living a life of conviction and being an example for your kids (48:40)

What Dr. Jen is doing now in Spain (57:00)

Where to follow Dr. Jen and learn more about her new book and app (01:02:05)

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