200 – Date Night with Dr. Joey and Dr. Devin Vrana

Can you believe we are at episode 200?!? This massive milestone calls for a massively awesome episode and this date night is just that. Dr. Lauryn and Kirby are joined by Dr. Joey and Dr. Devin Vrana of The Big Idea Network, two absolute rockstars in and out of the world of chiropractic.

During their chat, the group discusses maintaining culture amid staff turnover, balancing your masculine and feminine energies, not taking part in the comparison game, how to find balance in your relationship and it’s unified vision, and much more.

This is an episode full of raw, vulnerable discussion with so much wisdom shared. Hope you enjoy it, and thanks for all the support on the way to 200 episodes!

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Celebrating Episode 200 (00:00)

Spring Break update and clinic stories (2:05)

Listener highlight (07:10)

Introducing Dr. Joey and Devin Franna (09:55)

Opening prayer (13:45)

Enneagram types (14:32)

Life updates and homeschooling (17:45)

Maintaining culture during staff turnover (22:20)

Balancing masculine and feminine energies in a relationship (33:50)

Finding your calling (44:10)

Learning to not play the comparative game (51:25)

Unifying in vision and values with your partner (58:40)

Aging in business as a female (01:07:40)

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