203 – The Battle for Truth feat. Dr. Ben Tapper

It’s a very special episode of She Slays the Day this week as Dr. Lauryn welcomes her first ever solo male guest, Dr. Ben Tapper. Dr. Ben is a chiropractor by trade, who rose to national prominence in 2020 when a video of him speaking at a city council meeting went viral. Ever since, he has been on the frontlines of the battle for truth and transparency in the medical world.

During their conversation Dr. Lauryn and Dr. Ben discuss why the time is now for chiropractors to step up and be bold, how to live with conviction instead of for convenience, some history and science behind vaccines, and much more.

To watch the movie Dr. Ben helped make, The Time is Now, visit here.

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Books referenced by Dr. Ben: The Poisoned Needle | The Moth in the Iron Lung | Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness

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Episode Intro (00:00)

Painting Gone Wrong (02:55)

Guest Intro and a Message for New Listeners (07:40)

Opening Prayer (10:40)

Dr. Ben’s path to chiro (13:10)

Need for chiros to stand up and fight (19:55)

Why vaccines (28:10)

Conviction over convenience (36:50)

Science and history of vaccines (46:45)

Going back to practice and plans for future (01:10:50)

Information sources and freedom of speech (01:20:35)

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