204 – Networking Secrets, Benefits, and Strategies for All Phases of Business

Dr. Lauryn is solo today to discuss an integral part of business life that never goes away: networking. Inspired by a recent panel discussion that she took part in, Dr. Lauryn shares her thoughts and experiences on what networking actually means, ways to utilize it at different career points, why we are much more comfortable when educating vs when we are selling, and much more!

Video referenced by Dr. Lauryn: What I learned from 100 days of rejection by Jia Jiang

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Joy, Therapy, and Enneagrams (00:00)

Listener Highlight (08:50)

Opening Prayer (10:50)

What is Networking (13:00)

Elevator Pitches (22:05)

Selling vs Educating (26:25)

Being Authentic and Being Selfish (32:20)

Final Thoughts and Recap (43:55)

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