205 – Break Free from the Hamster Wheel and Create True Business Freedom feat. Sarah Greener

Ever feel like the more business success you have the less fulfilled the other aspects of your life become? It’s easy to get caught up in your work when you are a business owner. Breaking free of that hamster wheel is the topic of today’s episode as Dr. Lauryn welcomes entrepreneur and business coach Sarah Greener to the podcast!

Sarah has accomplished a lot in her life, but hit a point where that success was coming at the cost of what she believed to be the most important things: her husband and daughter. Since then, she has made it her mission to create true business freedom for herself and others, and during her chat with Dr. Lauryn they talk about the lessons she has learned, how to get out of default life and into deliberate life, the art of saying no, and much more!

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Multipassionate Chiropreneur Course Complete (00:00)

Patreon Shout Out and Updates (03:40)

Guest Intro and Opening Prayer (05:37)

Enneagram and Personality Tests (08:40)

Sarah’s background and Early Motivations (11:15)

Doing Too Much and Learning to Prioritize (19:15)

Importance of Systems (31:20)

How to Say No (38:15)

Getting Out of Default Life and Into Deliberate Life (48:00)

How to Get In Touch with Sarah (56:10)

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