206 – Date Night with Dr. Erik and Shannon Kowalke

Dr. Lauryn and Kirby are joined this week for a date night with Dr. Erik and Shannon Kowalke. Dr. Erik and Shannon have spent the last 12 years building the chiropractic practice, Higher Health Chiropractic, as well as the last 7 years building Sked, a scheduling software that you’ve probably heard talked about on She Slays the Day a few times by now.

These two are full of energy and wisdom, and share a great conversation with Dr. Lauryn and Kirby that covers their background and story of finding each other and chiropractic, balancing the hustle of wanting early success with the desire to grow a family, how to shift responsibilities as you scale, and much more!

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Episode Introduction (00:00)

Stories from Asheville Trip (01:45)

Update on the Neighbor’s Sign (05:15)

Introducing Dr. Erik and Shannon Kowalke (08:20)

Opening Prayer (10:20)

Personality Tests (11:05)

Shannon and Dr. Erik’s Story and How He Entered Chiropractic (15:55)

Dr. Lauryn and Kirby’s Story (22:06)

Starting the Practice and Working Together (28:20)

Early Success and Balancing Hustle with Family (33:45)

Scaling and Shifting Responsibilities (39:30)

Creating Sked and Building a Second Business (43:14)

Balancing Career, Marriage, and Family (52:55)

What’s Next for Dr. Erik and Shannon (01:04:00)

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