207 – Strategies and Mindset to Crush Your Profitability feat. Sam Varner

Time to put those business owner hats on because this week Dr. Lauryn is joined by business and profit coach Sam Varner to discuss how to change your strategies and your mindset and build a more profitable practice.

Sam may not come from the chiropractic world but as you’ll quickly realize the truths she speaks about running a business are not just powerful, but universal. Sam and Dr. Lauryn discuss ways to build a more profitable practice, how to balance price point, Sam’s CRUSH formula, being comfortable being the salesperson of your practice, and much more!

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BJ Palmer and Green Books (01:30)

Sked Shout Out (06:20)

Introducing Sam Varner (07:20)

Remembering Sheena Nageli (10:10)

Sam Varner’s Background and Profit Coaching (13:40)

Profitability in Chiropractic (17:50)

Crush Formula (24:15)

Knowing Your Numbers and Price Points for Chiropractors (31:35)

Automation and Delegation (41:00)

Chiropractor vs Entrepreneur (46:00)

Being the Salesperson of Your Business (51:30)

Grit and the Good and Bad of Hustle Culture (59:20)

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