209 – Reimagining Your Life After Kids with Drs. Brooke and Lynne

This week on the podcast Dr. Lauryn is joined by not one, but two amazing women within the chiropractic world, Drs. Brooke and Lynne, long-time friends turned business partners with their Life After Kids program. These ladies are big believers that we should all wake up every day with purpose and meaning in our lives, regardless of age or season of life we are in.

During the trio’s conversation they touch on how Drs. Brooke and Lynne came to be friends and eventually business partners, how to re-find yourself as you enter the empty nester season, how to navigate friendships throughout adulthood, the pillars of being proactive, and much more!

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Storytime (00:00)

Job Opportunity (03:50)

Introducing the Guests and the Episode (05:00)

Opening Prayer (07:10)

Drs. Brooke and Lynne’s podcast and choosing a platform (09:10)

Drs. Brooke and Lynne’s friendship and chiro backgrounds (12:50)

How Life After Kids was Born (20:10)

Re-finding Yourself as a Empty Nest Mother (25:10)

Friendships During a Busy Season of Life (28:15)

Being Proactive in the Years Prior to Life After Kids (35:05)

First Pillar: Purpose (37:40)

Second Pillar: Exercise and Self-Care (44:00)

Third Pillar: Beauty While Aging (55:30)

The Life After Kids Program (01:04:10)

– – – – –

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