210 – A Crash Course in AirBnBs as a Side Hustle feat. Kirby

This week Dr. Lauryn is once again joined by Kirby to discuss a part of their lives that you’ve heard lots about over the last year but has never been fully broken down on the podcast before: their AirBnB rental! A chiropreneur has side hustles after all, and their AirBnB has been their main focus outside of the practice in the last year.

From where the idea came from, to how and why they decided to go for it, to tips on location, design, pricing, cleaning and more, it’s all covered here. If you are considering an AirBnB as a potential investment this episode is for you!

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Episode Intro (00:00)

Book Hangovers and Life Updates (03:35)

Listener Highlight (08:46)

Opening Prayer (11:48)

When and Why They Decided to Buy An AirBnB (12:25)

The Flip and Design Process (19:50)

Choosing the Location (29:40)

Pricing, Ratings, and Cleaning Schedules (32:54)

Pros and Cons of a Property Management Company (44:35)

Other Tips to Consider (47:40)

– – – – –

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