211 – Date Night with Dr. Denisa and Tristan Weber

This week Dr. Lauryn and Kirby are joined by Dr. Denisa and Tristan Weber for a date night episode! These two Texans bring a wealth of knowledge to the table about the chiropractic industry, leadership, family, faith and more. They also happen to be in a transitional season of life with job changes and growing children, so Dr. Lauryn and Kirby caught them at a particularly intriguing time to have a wide ranging and reflective chat.

Listen in for conversation and wisdom around balancing family needs with career aspirations, the differences between feedback and criticism, how your assignment might change while your calling stays the same, why having a solid foundation is so important, and much more!

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Episode Intro (00:00)

Benefits of Coaching (02:10)

Guest Introduction (10:00)

Opening Prayer (14:00)

Criticism vs Feedback (15:00)

Balancing Family vs Career (22:45)

Being Faithful in Your Steps (27:05)

Your Assignment Can Change While Your Calling Remains (38:30)

Mixing and Matching Skill Sets with Your Spouse (46:15) (50:40)

Foundation in Faith (58:30)

Family Annual Meeting and Always Working on a Relationship (01:07:33)

What’s Next for Denisa (01:18:30)

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