212 – Dr. Courtney Gowin

This week Dr. Lauryn is joined by chiropractor, entrepreneur, and friend, Dr. Courtney Gowen! Dr. Courtney has led an amazing career and life (you may remember her from back on episode 131) and has recently launched a new business outside of chiropractic called Wanderlearn.

Wanderlearn is the first ever global educational retreat platform. They believe retreats are a vehicle for transformation and have the formula to help anyone host a retreat for their audience to learn, heal, and grow together.

During their conversation Dr. Lauryn and Dr. Courtney discuss how the idea for Wanderlearn came about, how you can take care of your core team while building side hustles, why dabbling can be beneficial, imposter syndrome, and much more!

Learn about Wanderlearn Retreats by visiting their website.

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Kajabi Conference (00:00)

Patreon Updates (04:50)

Introducing Dr. Courtney Gowan (07:00)

Opening Prayer (11:40)

Wanderlearn’s Origins (13:55)

How Wanderlearn Works (19:18)

Taking Care of Your Core Team While Doing Side Businesses (25:20)

Time Management (32:40)

Dabbling and Learning From It (37:00)

Impostor Syndrome (47:30)

Perfect Candidate for a Retreat (52:55)

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