213 – The Power of the Cleanse to Rid Your Body of Parasites and Worms with Kim Rogers

This week’s episode is one of the most entertaining, informative, and yes, grossest episodes to date! Dr. Lauryn is joined by the Worm Queen of TikTok herself, Kim Rogers, to break down all things parasites and worms and how we can cleanse our bodies of these unwanted guests.

The conversation touches on Kim’s history in the medical field and the experiences she went through that led to this being her full time focus, the difference between parasites and worms, why western medicine and society are reluctant to take this seriously, how to properly cleanse, and much more!

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Funny Story Time (00:00)

Sked Shout Out (05:36)

Introducing Kim Rogers (07:00)
Opening Prayer (09:35)

How Kim Came to be the Worm Queen (12:05)

Difference Between Parasites and Worms (27:10)

How to Clean Your Produce (30:30)

Western Medicine Reluctance to Confront this Problem (35:10)

Sharing Past Experiences (39:50)

What the Cleanse Process is Like (43:45)

Effects on Mental Health (50:00)

Potential Cleansing Paths (54:38)

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