215 – Leveraging TikTok to Find Your Niche and Build Your Community feat. Wave Wyld

This week Dr. Lauryn is joined by the Queen of Trend Alerts herself, Wave Wyld, to discuss all things TikTok and social video. No matter if you are a chiropractor or any other type of business owner, in today’s day and age you’ve got to know how to find your people and build your community, and that is exactly what Wave has not only done for herself, but has coached many others to do as well!

Listen in as Wave walks Dr. Lauryn through how she came to be a successful content creator turned TikTok and marketing coach, why building community is way more important than going viral, how to effectively communicate your message through short form video, and much more!

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Topic Intro and Using Freebies to Collect Emails (00:00)

Listener Highlight and Guest Bio (06:50)

Opening Prayer (09:25)

How Did Wave Come to Be A Social Media Master (11:50)

Different Cultures of Instagram and TikTok (14:40)

Finding Content Inspiration on TikTok (17:55)

Finding Your Niche vs Building a Personal Brand (23:40)

Community Over Virality (28:55)

Communicate a Message Through Short Form Video (31:05)

Going Viral for Something Outside Your Niche (36:30)

Protecting Your Community and Moving From Rented Space to Owned Space (44:55)

Other Algorithm Tips (52:00)

Where to Find Wave (57:40)

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