216 – Mastering Money Basics So You Can Invest in the Future of Your Dreams feat. Dr. Meagan McArthur

Are you the master of your money? In this week’s episode, Dr. Lauryn is joined by Dr. Meagan McArther, chiropractic associate turned money mentor and personal finance coach, to discuss how chiropractors and associates (as well as anyone else) can master their money basics to start building the future of their dreams.

Dr. Meagan is a wealth of knowledge (no pun intended) and while nothing she shares can be considered financial advice, you still may want to have a pen and paper handy for this one. During the conversation they discuss how Dr. Meagan went from an associate to a personal finance coach for other associates, how to handle the student loan debt problem so many of us face, developing a proper money mindset, different types of investment vehicles, and much more!

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Fourth of July Story Time (00:00)

Worm Cleanse Updates (2:20)

Upcoming Free Attraction and Marketing Summit (06:05)

Guest Bio (07:45)

Opening Prayer (10:45)

Dr. Meagan’s Steady Growth on Social Media (13:18)

Associating vs Opening Own Practice (20:55)

Freedom to Control Time and Location (29:05)

How Dr. Meagan Got Into Finance and Her Early Investments (32:00)

Student Loan Debt and Making Education Affordable (40:50)

Balancing Investing vs Paying Off Loans and Adopting a Money Mindset (48:05)

Couples Filing Together or Separate (54:35)

Different Investment Vehicles (56:50)

Dr. Meagan’s Student Loan Workshop (01:01:35)

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