217 – The Challenge of Representing Chiropractic in the Best Way Possible While Making a Hit Reality TV Show with Dr. Alessandra Colón

This week Dr. Lauryn has the absolute pleasure of welcoming Miss Chiropractic herself, Dr. Alessandra Colón to the podcast.

If you are not already a Crack Addict then let us fill you in. Dr. Alessandra is the star of Crack Addicts, the new hit reality tv show from TLC that follows Dr. Alessandra and her team as they tackle the most extreme and debilitating physical conditions. It’s wonderfully entertaining and shines light on the power of great chiropractic care so if you are not watching already then find some time to do so asap.

During their conversation, Dr. Lauryn and Dr. Alessandra discuss how and when the show came about, how Dr. Alessandra thinks about and deals with the burden of portraying Chiropractic to a national audience of millions, the role of gender within chiropractic, using faith to stay grounded when imposter syndrome strikes, and much more!

Learn more about Dr. Alessandra and all things Miss Chiropractic by visiting here.

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Watch the trailer for Crack Addicts here.

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Introduction (00:00)

Story Time and Life Updates (03:10)

Guest Bio (06:55)

Opening Prayer (10:35)

Filming Without Knowing Any Show Would Happen (13:00)

Representing Chiropractic and the Burden of That (16:50)

Dr. Alessandra Colón Chiropractic Background (26:20)

Changes Filming Brought (28:55)

The Reception to the Show (30:35)

Miss Chiropractic Brand and the Role of Gender in Chiropractic (35:50)

Being on Camera (40:35)

Balancing Natural with Medical and Living That Balance on Screen (43:35)

Not Being Too Good for Chronic Pain Patients (50:20)

Faith, Impostor Syndrome, and Staying Grounded (56:15)

Watching Yourself on TV (01:01:00)

Wanting to Help All Chiropractors (01:03:05)

How People Can Support the Show and Dr. Colón (01:11:20)

– – – – –

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