219 – Even Superhero’s Have Sidekicks: Buying Back Your Time, Learning to Delegate, and Asking for the Help You Need feat. Kara McKeage

Are you one of those people who literally tries to do it all? Is your answer to that question yes but you are too scared to actually say it out loud?

Running a business, a home, relationships and a life all at the same time can be extremely overwhelming, but even if most of us feel this way a lot of people will avoid ever doing anything about it.

This week on the show, Dr. Lauryn chats with Kara McKeage about exactly this problem and what Kara and her business have done to help with it. Kara is the founder of Pepper’s Personal Assistants, which specializes in placing personal assistants, or household assistants as she would say, into people’s homes to dramatically change their lives.

During their conversation Dr. Lauryn and Kara cover what the purpose of a household assistant is, why it’s so hard for so many to give up control and learn to delegate, the generational and gender differences at play with this topic, where to start if you want to get back some of your time, and much more!

Learn more about Pepper’s Personal Assistants by visiting their website.

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To learn more about and get tickets to the WDC Unconvention 2023 event, visit here.

Dr. Lauryn references The New Gold Standard book in the intro, it can be purchased here.

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Barbenheimer (00:00)

Authentic and Sincere Caring Can’t Be Systematized (01:45)

WDC Convention (08:40)

Giving Up Control and Introducing the Episode (09:25)

Opening Prayer (16:25)

Guest Bio (18:30)

Kara’s Background and Path to Entrepreneurship (19:25)

What is the Purpose of a Household Assistant (24:05)

Learning to Delegate (26:55)

Buying Back Time (29:55)

Generational and Gender Differences (33:55)

No One Can Do Everything and Changing the Message (45:00)

Dealing with Judgement (48:45)

Where to Start and What the First Steps Look Like (50:30)

The Financial Equation of Getting Assistance (54:15)

Hurdles in Growing a Business Like Kara’s (36:35)

Giving a Household Assistant Feedback and Criticism (58:45)

Where People Can Find and Work with Kara (01:03:05)

– – – – –

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