220 – The Basics of Launching a Course: Ten Questions You Must Ask and Answer to Set You Up for Success feat. Kirby

Everywhere you look, someone is trying to sell you their course, am I right? Everyone’s got one (or three, in our case), and because of this you may have wondered at one point or another, “should I launch a course?”

If you’ve ever considered creating a course, or any new content endeavor for that matter, then this episode is for you. Dr. Lauryn is joined by Kirby to talk about their experience launching multiple courses over the last couple of years and walk you through the ten questions they’ve come to realize are key to ask yourself and answer up front if you want to determine if a course is a worthwhile investment for you.

The conversation of course starts with some story time related to (another) failed date night, before jumping into each of their ten questions one by one, breaking each down, and sharing examples and lessons learned from their experiences along the way.

– – – – –

The New Setup and an Announcement (00:00)
(Another) Failed Date Night (02:45)
Topic Introduction (06:45)
Opening Prayer (10:00)
Why a Course Could Be Right For You (11:05)
What is Your Goal with Starting a Course (15:32)
Do You Have the Time and Energy (20:28)
Do You Have the Trusted Following (23:27)
Who Is Your Audience (29:24)
Choosing Your Topic (34:18)
Designing the Type of Course (44:36)
How Much Investment Do You Want To Put In (47:40)
How to Gather the Data or Content (54:00)
What Price to Charge (01:00:40)
Do You Need Help (01:06:22)
Extra Resources to Check Out (01:09:40)

– – – – –

For those who decide a course may be right for them and are interested in using Kajabi, you can sign up here to get a referral discount.

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