221 – How to Become a Wealthy Practitioner feat. Dr. Stephanie Wigner

What does being wealthy mean to you? Did that question just make you uncomfortable? It can sometimes feel like the topic of money is forbidden in the chiropractic community, and it totally should not be! To help us break through that stigma, Dr. Lauryn is joined today by Dr. Stephanie Wigner to talk about all things money and wealth building.

Dr. Stephanie is a chiropractor and coach, who works with wellness professionals to grow from a small business owner to a true entrepreneur. This conversation is a bit of a double interview, as both women take turns asking the other some questions around money, wealth building, mindset changes, developing side hustles, finding your people, and much more.

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Episode Introduction (00:00)
The Need to Talk About Money in Chiropractic (02:08)
Introducing Dr. Steph (08:45)
Opening Prayer (10:00)
Human Design / Enneagram (12:36)
Two Different Paths In Chiropractic (15:16)
How Dr. Steph Developed her Entrepreneurial Side (20:44)
Consulting and Side Hustles (27:51)
Passive Income Isn’t Actually Passive (33:04)
Wealthy Practitioner (39:51)Finding Your People and Your Message (45:06)
Getting Into Real Estate (50:56)
The Sweet Spot to Diversify (01:00:06)
Random Side Hustle Ideas (01:11:31)
What’s Next for Dr. Steph (01:15:06)
What Does Wealthy Mean (01:16:46)

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