222 – Why Tracking Your Numbers Shouldn’t Be Scary and How It Can Transform Your Business

What metrics are you monitoring within your clinic to judge how things are going? Have you ever had a panic moment when you see one of those numbers going down? If one does drop, are you confident you’ll be able to trace the dip back to find the truth of the problem?

This week, Dr. Lauryn is rolling solo to dive into a topic that is incredibly important but often avoided by many within the chiropractic community: numbers. Those dreaded digits on a spreadsheet tell you the story of your business, and properly tracking them and understanding them can be make or break for your practice.

In the episode, Dr. Lauryn first talks about the stigma around numbers and the different energies needed to approach them, before then walking through what to do when a key number is down, how to build systems to track the most important numbers, why you’ve got to ask yourself the tough questions, and much more.

– – – – –

Hiring a VA (00:00)
Restful Summer Turned Lazy Summer (03:05)
Listener Shout Out (12:30)
Prayer of Indifference (13:35)
Topic Introduction (15:30)
What Number is Down and Has You Freaking Out (22:07)
Digging Into the Stats Behind that Number (26:07)
Taking Steps to Correct that Number (35:00)
Checking In On Your Systems (41:05)
Ask Yourself the Tough Questions (44:10)
Final Thoughts (50:17)

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