223 – A Deep Dive Into the World of Animal Chiropractic feat. Dr. Kaitlyn Lackey

Have you ever thought about getting your furry four-legged family member adjusted? Animal chiropractic is one of those worlds that’s known of but rarely known about, and the more Dr. Lauryn has thought about it and been asked about it the more she thought, “why not have an expert on to answer all the questions!”

So in today’s episode, Dr. Lauryn is joined by Dr. Kaitlyn Lackey, an animal chiropractor as well as coach to other animal chiropractors, who has made it her mission to advocate for this profession and the animals that need our care.

During their conversation you will learn what an adjustment and care plan look like for an animal vs a human, how the veterinarian and animal chiropractic professionals do or don’t work together, the business side of being an animal chiropractor as well as being a mobile chiropractor, and much more!

Learn more about the Making Strides for Animal Chiropractic movement by visiting their website.
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Episode Intro (00:00)
Life Updates / Thrifty Traveler (00:45)
Chiro Intensive vs Multi-Passionate Chiropreneur (05:45)
Listener Highlight (07:40)
Guest Bio (08:50)
Opening Prayer (10:00)
How Katie Decided on Animal Chiropractor (12:40)
Mental Health in Vet Industry (17:35)
Pure Breeds and Modern Health Issues (20:20)
Proactive Care for Your Pet (24:05)
What Does an Animal Exam Look Like (27:40)
What Does a Care Plan Look Like (34:10)
The Life of a Mobile Practitioner (39:40)
Where to Find Katie and Her Podcast (43:40)

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