229 – Using Research to Accurately Represent the Beauty and Potential of Chiropractic feat. Dr. Amy Haas

We’ve got an absolute power house of knowledge on the podcast this week, as Dr. Lauryn is joined by Dr. Amy Haas to discuss all things vertebral subluxation, evidence informed research, and the chiropractic community at large.

Originally with a PhD in Biochemistry, Dr. Amy was working as a scientist when her own amazing results and experience with chiropractic care led her to change course, go back to school, and enter the world of chiropractic with a goal of sharing the truth of its potential.

Her scientific and research based background has not gone by the wayside however, as Dr. Amy has made many contributions to the world of chiropractic research during her time in the industry, even having been named 2022 Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation Chiropractic Researcher of the Year.

During her conversation with Dr. Lauryn, she fills us in on her latest work, a study and report that she has spent the past three plus years working on that is now in its peer review stage. Topics of that paper and this conversation include the difference in framework between spinal manipulation and chiropractic adjustment, the importance of defining and using the proper terminology for what chiropractors do, why evidence informed research is necessary and valid for chiropractic, and so much more.

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Life Updates (00:04)
Prepping to Speak at WDC (05:05)
Guest Bio (07:45)
Opening Prayer (11:00)
Background on Dr. Amy (13:12)
Spinal Manipulation vs Chiropractic Adjustment Framework (16:57)
Defining Vertebral Subluxation and It’s Distinctions (32:27)
Evidence Based vs Evidence Informed (43:04)
Accurately Representing the Beauty of the Profession (51:24)
What Dr. Amy’s Research Paper is Trying to Distinguish (59:30)
How We Integrate This New Information Into the Profession (01:07:25)
How to Support Dr. Amy and Other Great Research Work (01:17:20)

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