230 – How to Transform Our Bodies from Fatigued to Fired Up feat. Tiffany Cagwin

If you are tired of feeling run-down, low on energy, and always exhausted, then this week’s episode is just for you. Dr. Lauryn is joined this week by Tiffany Cagwin to discuss why so many of us live in a state of chronic fatigue and how we can begin to combat and ultimately cure it.

Tiffany is a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Yoga Teacher. She is an experienced executive leader and transformational coach who has a passion for helping others thrive by guiding them to shift their mindset, take action towards goals and embrace self-care. She brought so much knowledge and truth to her conversation with Dr. Lauryn and anyone who tunes in is going to gain an immense amount of value from what she shares.

During the conversation Tiffany and Dr. Lauryn get into the difficulties remote work presents (especially for women), why our society is so fatigued right now, light therapy, leaky gut, morning routines, detoxification strategies, and so much more!

Learn more about Tiffany and all she has to offer by visiting her website.
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Range of Emotions at Austin City Limits (00:00)
Listener Highlight (09:40)
Guest Bio (10:40)
Opening Prayer (14:40)
Tiffany’s Journey to Curing Her AutoImmune Disorders (16:17)
Difficulties of Remote Work for Women (21:47)
Why So Much Fatigue in Society Right Now (26:36)
Light and What Helps and Hurts (37:40)
The Epidemic of Leaky Gut (46:17)
Elimination Diet (52:22)
Getting Your Hormones and Minerals in Balance (56:07)
Proper Morning Routines (01:03:37)
Non Native EMFs and the Best We Can Do (01:06:35)
Natural Detoxification Pathways (01:14:37)
How to Work with Tiffany (01:21:22)

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