233 – Using Deliberate Cold Exposure to Teach Your Body to React Not Respond feat. Adrienne Jezick

Have you considered adding cold therapy to your care routine? Maybe you’ve been inundated with the ads for at home tubs and all the different ways exposure to cold water can benefit you and always wondered what the deal was? Well, if you’ve ever wanted to learn about the true power of deliberate cold exposure, then what better person to learn from than the woman who literally helped create the modern cold therapy industry?

This week, Dr. Lauryn is joined by Adrienne Jezick to discuss all things deliberate cold exposure: its power, its benefits, the misconceptions and more.

Adrienne Jezick is the co-founder of Morozko Forge, the coldest, cleanest, safest ice bath in the world. She is also the creator of The Morozko Method, a sensory immersive Deliberate Cold Exposure guidance practice. Her passion for deliberate cold exposure and her drive to create this industry came from using what she learned (and now teaches) to overcome debilitating autoimmune disorders in her body (you’ll have to listen for the full story).

During their conversation Adrienne walks Dr. Lauryn through her journey, the basics of what happens to our body during deliberate cold exposure, why we must teach our bodies to respond not react, what makes her methods unique, misconceptions about the practice, and much more.

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Topic Introduction 00:00
Multipassionate Chiropreneur Announcement (02:50)
Guest Bio (06:10)
Opening Prayer (08:30)
Adrienne’s Story that Led to Cold Plunge (09:32)
Teaching Your Body to Respond not React (22:18)
History and Contrast Therapy (31:00)
The Deep Remembering of Society (34:48)
Who Should or Shouldn’t Do Cold Therapy (40:06)
Breathe Works Place in Tandem with Deliberate Cold Exposure (43:55)
Biggest Misconceptions (49:08)
Getting the Full Experience and Being an Active Participant (58:24)
All About Morozko Forge (01:03:30)

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