234 – Curing Decision Fatigue: Five Steps to Take You From Identification to Resolution

Ever feel exhausted with the amount of decisions (big or small) you are asked to make on a daily basis? You may be experiencing what is now known as decision fatigue.

Decision fatigue is a phenomenon (as opposed to a diagnosable medical condition) where the more decisions a person makes over the course of a day, the more physically, mentally and emotionally depleted they become. As practice owners, a lot of us likely experience this overwhelming negative feeling and it may very well be ruining your life! Ok, that’s a bit dramatic, sure, but it also might not be.

In this week’s episode, Dr. Lauryn is recording solo to discuss this topic of decision fatigue and how we can all learn to identify and resolve it within all areas of our lives, but most importantly within our practices.

– – – – –

Introduction (00:05)
Opening Prayer (03:50)
Intro to Decision Fatigue (04:45)
Understanding the Problem (06:55)
Identify Where It’s Showing Up (11:55)
Setting Boundaries (20:48)
Taking Ownership (23:55)
Examples of How to Resolve (26:00)
Recap (32:20)

– – – – –

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