235 – Delivery Matters: Learning to Use Kind Candor in Your Practice and Your Life feat. Kirby

Dr. Lauryn is once again joined by Kirby – and don’t worry, you’re not getting fired – to talk about a topic that’s been top of mind for them lately which is how to develop and utilize kind candor in the workplace.

When it comes to feedback and coaching, which side of the pendulum do you fall on? Are you overly nice and avoid conflict at all costs, hoping the problem just magically resolves itself? Or possibly way on the other side, where you put the brutal in brutal honesty, crushing employee’s feelings as well as their chances of success?

This episode is all about how to find that middle ground – stay on the road as Dr. Lauryn puts it – and be able to deliver honest and necessary feedback in a way that is still kind to the person and gives the best chance at future success.

Dr. Lauryn and Kirby kick things off by defining what exactly kind candor is, before discussing how to develop it within hiring, the idea of staying in the middle of the road, why being prepared for the conversations can be helpful, walk through examples, and much more.

Want to read Gary V’s book that inspired this podcast episode? You can purchase Twelve and a Half: Leveraging the Emotional Ingredients Necessary for Business Success here.

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Opening Fun (00:00)
Topic Introduction (02:05)
Our Biggest Flaws (03:35)
Books Reading Lately (06:00)
Opening Prayer (11:20)
Defining Candor (12:05)
Candor in Hiring (18:40)
Staying in the Middle of the Road (22:47)
Example Conversations (30:45)
Being Prepared for the Conversation (40:00)
Firing with Kind Candor (47:40)
Avoiding Shame and Guilt (56:24)
Recap & Wrap Up (01:00:25)

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