225 – Microdosing, Intuitive Channeling, and How to Elevate Your Mind and Body feat. Ellie Stiles

There are many different ways to heal the body, to work on our energies, and to better our overall physical, mental, and spiritual health, and the field of psilocybin is a fascinating one with so much potential and room to explore, which is exactly what we plan to do on the show today!

In this episode, Dr. Lauryn is joined by Intuitive Channeler & Medicine Woman Ellie Stiles, who takes us on a beginners deep dive into the world of microdosing, as well as some discussion on intuitive channeling and her work in that field. 

During the conversation Ellie covers her journey into the world of plant medicine, what microdosing actually is and the benefits that come with it, why setting intentions beforehand and doing integration work afterwards is vital, the shifting season our Earth is currently going through, and much more. 

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– – – – – 

Episode Introduction (00:00)

Reminder Dr. Lauryn is Hiring (03:35)

Guests or Topics You’d Like to Hear (04:52)

Ellie Styles Bio (08:40)

Opening Prayer (09:20)

Intro to Microdosing (12:10)

How Elizabeth Got Involved in Plant Medicine (14:40)

Consciousness and Frequency of a Mushroom (21:40)

Scheduling for Beginners (28:40)

The Sensation and What’s Actually Happening to Your Body (34:38)

Taking a Macro or Micro Dose First (40:03)

Moving Energy in Your Body (44:43)

Intentions and Integration (39:13)

Legality and Working While Microdosing (46:01)

Dealing with Stigmas (52:05)

The Shifting Season of the Earth (01:06:37)

Communicating with Different Entities (01:15:37)

Where to Follow and How to Get Microdosing Supplies (01:21:28)

– – – – – 

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