232 – The State of the Chiropractic Profession and How We Can Heal the Healers feat. Dr. Jamal Früster

Who is going to heal the healers, and how are they going to do it? That is one of many big questions asked and discussed in this week’s episode, as Dr. Lauryn is joined by Dr. Jamal Früster to take the temperature of the chiropractic profession and look towards paths that realize all the potential that exists. 

The hype man for humanity, Dr. Jamal Früster Cortez is a doctor, coach, consultant and speaker who helps healthcare professionals heal their minds and bodies while strengthening their souls. He’s a powerhouse of a speaker and was an absolute blast to have on the show!

During their conversation, Dr. Lauryn and Dr. Jamal discuss how to avoid living in a state of forever stress, why knowing and studying the roots of chiropractic is so important, how millennials are bringing uncomfortable truths to the forefront, healing the healers, and much more.

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Hiring Thoughts and Associate Ads (00:00)

Guest Bio and Associates Stepping Into Power (10:00)

Opening Prayer (14:00)

Avoiding the Forever Stressed State (16:24)

Understanding Energy and Avoiding Burnout (26:45)

Knowing the Roots of Chiropractic (37:37)

Bringing Uncomfortable Truths to the Forefront (44:07)

The Need for Leaders and Principled Conversation in Chiropractic (49:02)

Healing the Healer (58:33)

There is No Rush to Heal or Learn (01:09:50)

Where to Get More of Dr. Jamal (01:16:14)

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