218 – How to Say Screw the Timelines and Unstick Your Life feat. Emma Wilson

Getting older is a fact of life, and one that we pretty much all end up freaking out about at some point. Turning 30 happens to be one of the most popular times (for women especially) to have one of those moments of panic, which is exactly what happened for Emma Wilson. However, Emma found her way through that moment and came out stronger and more sure of the life she wanted to live and is now focused on helping others do exactly the same through her Turning 30 platform, coaching, and podcast.  

In today’s episode Dr. Lauryn is joined by Emma to discuss all aspects of life as you age. During their conversation they discuss Emma’s own turning 30 moment and how she left a law career and eventually found coaching, why you need to make decisions for yourself and not because society tells you to, how to put aside your ego, and much more. 

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Introduction (00:00)

Facebook Fights (02:05)

Job Posting (05:50)

Guest Intro (07:20)

Opening Prayer (08:30)

The First Ever Turning 30 Coach (09:45)

Why Emma Decided to Coach (14:20)

Emma’s Choice to Study Law, Then to Leave Law (17:20)

The Guilt Trap of “Giving Up” on a Career (21:05)

Making Decisions For Yourself (27:00)

Putting Aside Your Ego (32:55)

Traps of the Comparison Game (41:45)

Two Sides of Social Media (44:25)

Evolving Friendships at Different Ages (47:15)

Fertility and the Cliff Myth (55:45)

Male / Female Dynamics (01:01:20)

How to Work with Emma (01:07:45)

– – – – – 

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