224 – Dr. Simon Floreani Explains a Nervous System Focused Practice & Life

Alright She Slayers I hope you are ready to have your soul examined and your level of achievable bliss raised, because this week Dr. Lauryn had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Dr. Simon Floreani. 

From leading the chiropractic profession in Australia, to canceled villain of the industry for speaking out on his beliefs during the pandemic, Dr. Simon has had major highs and (what some would view as) major lows in the industry, but through it all his focus to help his community grow by delivering superb chiropractic care has never wavered, only strengthened. He’s a big believer in the power of the nervous system and of finding your bliss in life, and he brings some incredible wisdom to this conversation that you will not want to miss!

During their chat, Dr. Lauryn and Dr. Simon discuss why meeting your own needs first helps you be able to truly serve others, the learning curve that comes with meditation, the art of raising and lowering someone’s amplitude through adjustment, dealing with burnout in the chiropractic profession, and so much more. 

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Listen to the previous episode of She Slays featuring Dr. Simon’s wife, Dr. Jennifer Barham-Floreani: Spotify | Apple 

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Dr. Lauryn’s Past Interactions with Dr. Simon (00:00)

Updating Your Morning Routine (03:00)

Dr. Lauryn is Hiring (08:18)

Dr. Simon’s Bio (10:52)

Opening Prayer (13:18)

Morning Routines and Meeting Your Needs First (15:42)

Meditation Learning Curve and Getting Past Beginner Level (22:07)

Looking Into Someone’s Soul and Finding What They Need Most (30:20)

Raising and Lowering Someone’s Amplitude (42:00)

Dealing with Burnout in the Chiropractic Profession (45:30)

Hacking Your Way to Bliss at Home and in Practice (50:13)

How to Pass Your Essence Into Your Other Practitioners (59:30)

Frequency of Adjustments (01:07:30)

Be a Lifetime Asset to Your Patients (01:11:30)

Where to Get More From Dr. Simon (01:18:02)

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