208 – Holistic Healing through Network Spinal Analysis with Dr. Scherina Alli

In this episode Dr. Lauryn is joined by Dr. Scherina Alli to dive into Network Spinal Analysis. They kick things off with a discussion of the educational differences school to school when studying to go into chiropractic, then dive into what Network Spinal is, how it works, talk about how and why Dr. Scherina likes to combine Network with Structural chiropractic in her practice, energetics, and a whole lot more!

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Remarkable Practice Conversion and Retention Seminar Recap (00:00)

Patreon Updates and Listener Highlights (03:40)

Introducing Dr. Scherina Alli (06:26)

Education Differences Between Schools  (09:40)

Discovering Network Spinal Analysis (16:45)

What Network Spinal Is and How It Works (25:18)

Nervous System Patterns and a Standard Entrainment (31:37)

Structural Chiropractic vs Network and Combining Both in the Same Practice (41:10)

Explaining Network to New Patients (46:30)

Energetics and their Use in Network (51:25)

Pushback Faced and the Spirituality Component (54:30)

Finding a Network Chiropractor (01:02:16)

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